Luxe, modern vintage inspired, timeless looks with an edge. Both effortless and fashionable, Erica Klein Jewelry is one step ahead of the curve.

“Living life is my greatest inspiration. I never really know exactly where my ideas come from. They seem to be a sort of collective consciousness of my experiences. It’s when I can’t stop thinking about something that I know I have to run with it and it becomes the foundation for a collection.”

Drawing influences from Victorian style animals, vintage toys, handmade weaves, and organic forms using precious and semi-precious materials. They all come together to create a line that is both retro, yet timeless and is sure to evoke much nostalgia

Born and raised in New York City, Erica attended Parsons School of design as a fashion major and went on to work in both design and production for major names in the fashion industry before opening a boutique in Miami’s South Beach.

A very simple classic dresser, Erica always considers the entire picture but her statement is always made through her jewelry. The rule of thumb states: Remove one piece of Jewelry when leaving the house. Erica, on the other hand recommends adding at least one to two more. After working in the fashion industry for several years, Erica saw an opportunity to fill a void in the marketplace while indulging her life long love of making jewelry.

In 2004 Erica went back to school at FIT where she received a degree in Jewelry and Metal-Smithing. It was here she honed in on her passion! At the age of 27, Erica set out to launch her summer 2010 name-sake collection of jewelry, entitled Erica Klein. It has since been featured in The New York Times Styles section, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Time out New York, Ocean Drive Magazine, and received Editor’s Pick in People magazine to name a few. It has also gained celebrity following including Kerry Washington, Whoopi Goldberg, Elisabeth Hasselback, Barbara Walters, and Brett Ratner.

“Every piece in my collection is a part of my experience. They each have their own individual story. Jewelry is not a passing trend. It’s something that can be passed down.”

Erica Klein Jewelry is available at select boutiques throughout the country.